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UC/CCHMC Representation at the CATHIA Research Symposium

CCTST KL2 Associate Director, Moises Huaman, MD, along with colleagues at UC/CCHMC, partnered with Impacta PERU and Peru Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) to host the second CATHIA (Coronary Atherosclerosis and TB HIV Immune Activation) Research Symposium in Lima, Peru. The UC/CCHMC delegation included Claire Chougnet, PhD, Elaine Urbina, MD, Carl Fichtenbaum, MD, Rocio Egoavil, and Pablo Alarcon.

The research symposium focused on the interplay between infection and non-communicable diseases. Impacta PERU and Peru CTU are part of Dr. Huaman’s R01, which is expanding clinical and translational science collaborations with colleagues in Peru and globally.

Academic sponsors for the symposium included the UC Center for Cardiovascular Research.


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