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Community Engagement Network Initiative 


The Community Engagement Network Initiative (CENI) identifies as a hub. We connect and disseminate existing community engagement resources to community engagement operatives across CCTST partner institutions and the Greater Cincinnati community.

Collaboration across all CCTST partner institutions and community partners
is an explicit part of CENI’s mission to support the development of relationships
between community-engaged workers.  

  • Network with community engagement workers across partner institutions
    and community organizations to identify and advance opportunities and

  • Promote and build awareness of CENI within CCTST core programs, the
    University of Cincinnati, UC Health, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical
    Center, and community organizations. 

  • Share best practices across member organizations and units  

All Hands In

Faculty and staff involved in community engagement across the education, service, and research spectrum at UC, UC Health, and Cincinnati Children's are invited to become CENI members by completing the Membership Survey. The purpose of the survey is to take an inventory of CE-based programs and research across our partner institutions and those who implement those programs. Based on these responses, we are creating a network of CE-based individuals and groups to:

  1. Increase awareness of pipeline programs

  2. Increase academic partnerships with community organizations

  3. Improve equity

Please take this survey to become a CENI member: CENI Membership Survey


Core Planning Team
  • Stacey Gomes, MS, Sr. Program Management Specialist, CCTST Community Engagement

  • Laura Hildreth, Program Director, CCTST Center for Improvement Science

  • Angela Molloy, RN, BSN, CCRP, Clinical Research Project Manager, NeuroNEXT

  • Jennifer R. Molano, MD, Professor, Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine


CENI Champions
  • Sadie Everett, MA, Community Relations Manager, UC Advancement & Transition Services

  • Nancy Jennings, MBA, PhD, Professor, School of Communication, Film, & Media Studies

  • Heidi Kloos, PhD, Assoc. Prof., UC Department of Psychology

  • Melinda Butsch Kovacic, MPH, PhD, UC College of Allied Health Sciences

  • Dan Maxwell, Manager, Community Relations, UC Health

  • Fran Larkin, MA, Director, Community Engagement Center, University of Cincinnati

  • Seung-Yeon Lee, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Rehabilitation, Exercise, and Nutrition Sciences

  • Jess Link, Assoc. To, UC CECH Innovations and Community Partnerships 

  • Janet Moore, MA, JD, Professor, College of Law

  • Nick Newman, DO, MS, FAAP, Asst. Prof., Pediatrics; Medical Director, Pediatric Environmental Health, CCHMC

  • Yolanda Wess, RN, MEd, BSN, Research Director, Department of Internal Medicine

  • Julie Wijesooriya, MPA, Research Community Liaison, CCTST


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