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The Collaboration Network


Connecting investigators to resources and potential collaborators is a need across the CCTST partner institutions and the community. To address this need, the CIS developed The Collaboration Network (TCN) to overcome geographical, institutional, and disciplinary barriers to connecting with colleagues with complementary interests.

TCN is a growing group of investigators, educators, clinical providers and other innovators who meet once a month to learn about each other, available resources, and funding opportunities. Guests and experts are frequently invited to participate in order to provide information about a service or resource. On a regular basis, TCN invites members to present a “Member Spotlight” about projects, research, challenges, and interests in collaboration. A few times a year, TCN hosts large public   roundtables around complex issues such as Aging, Mental & Behavioral Health, Racial & Health Inequities Exposed by Covid-19, Social Determinants of Health, Telehealth, Digital Health Tools, and Well-being: Joy in Work.

  • Archived Presentations and Videos

  • Build Broad Networks of Investigators, Educators and other Innovators

  • Facilitate Collaboration

  • Share Funding Opportunities

  • Help Users Navigate Resources


Members receive meeting information (agendas, minutes, Zoom information) and access to information about grant opportunities. Please send membership requests to Laura Hildreth.

  • Third Thursdays from 9:00-10:00 AM

  • Meetings are currently held via Zoom - for meeting invitation, please contact Laura Hildreth.

TCN_Main 3.jpeg

TCN Presentation from the Cincinnati Cancer Center: On the Road to NCHI Designation

TCN_Main 2.jpeg

Groups attending TCN Special Topics Meeting on Aging


The TCN hosts Panel Discussions on topics of significant complexity that would benefit greatly from the collaboration of researchers, educators, service providers, product developers and other innovators across diverse disciplines.  Invited speakers and attendees come from across UC, Cincinnati Children's, UC Health, and other educational institutions and community organizations. These meetings are open to everyone via Zoom.  Each special topic meeting replaces one of our regular monthly meetings, and runs from 9:00-11:00 AM.

Special Topic Panel Discussion Events and Follow-up

Attendees from each Panel Discussion event will automatically begin to receive TCN meeting invitations and information on follow-up activities for that topic (to unsubscribe, please reply to one of the emails with an unsubscribe request). 

A follow-up survey will be sent out after the meeting so we can collect information about the activities and collaborations forming around these topic areas.  Continued follow-up will be posted on our website. 

Please send information about new projects and collaborations related to our previous events to Laura Hildreth:


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