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The Cincinnati CCTST is a proud member of the ResearchMatch network. ResearchMatch is a free online registry that brings together volunteers and researchers in a secure and convenient way. Take part in ResearchMatch and help advance knowledge today for our health tomorrow.

REGISTERING TO USE RESEARCHMATCH is a free of charge participant recruitment tool created through the collaboration of sites in the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Consortium, including Cincinnati. ResearchMatch aims to ‘match’ volunteers (individuals who register to learn about studies that might be of interest to them) with researchers (who register their studies through this tool). The UC AHC institutional liaison helping researchers navigate this process is Brett Kissela, MD.

If you are a UC, VAMC or CCHMC investigator, click here to register as a researcher through ResearchMatch. Please register for Feasibility Access first and setup your ResearchMatch researcher account (username & password).

  • Feasibility Access will allow you to scan the registry and view aggregate data regarding the registry population. You will be able to enter specific search criteria to see if ResearchMatch may be a useful tool for your study.

  • Recruitment Access on the other hand, allows you to contact ResearchMatch volunteers that appear to be a good ‘match’ with your study. As such, this type of access requires that you submit some additional information to show that you have an active IRB-approved study (or IRB-exempt study). These requirements are part of the Site-Specific Instructions you will see as you start to register for Feasibility Access on the site. You can register for Recruitment Access once you have satisfied the requirements outlined by your institution in the Site-Specific Instructions.


If you encounter any technical issues with the registration process, please submit them immediately to ResearchMatch.

Volunteer registration has been active since November 2009, but researchers have not had registry access until now as its volunteer population was built. Currently, there are more than 8,000 volunteers nationally in ResearchMatch, with diligent efforts underway to increase this number in the future. Researchers’ help with promoting ResearchMatch participation to potential volunteers, who can register at, is welcome and encouraged.

UC AHC researchers with additional questions or concerns may contact Dr. Kissela directly. For assistance with methodology, informatics, or other aspects of research, please request a consultation at the CCTST’s Research Central portal.

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